Linux / Windows – what’s the difference…


SAP System Performance slow – via CCMS what is what

All is explained by: SAP_Basis_Chap @ The SAP Fan Club Forums

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HTTPS/SSL on SAP as Client (Configuring the AS ABAP for Supporting SSL)

There may be a need for adding SSL client capabilities for SAP server. Here is how it worked for me:

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Activating Standby DB and standby SAP – Howto

As I had need for quick howto for my own remainder – I found following instructions from:

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How to copy printer settings in SAP

1. Log on to any client in the appropriate SAP system. 2. Go to transaction SPAD. 3. On the Spool Administration: Initial Screen screen, under theDevices/servers tab click the Output devices button. 4. On the Spool Administration: List of Output Devices screen, click the pencil picture-icon to switch into change mode.

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Configuring CCMS alert monitoring

Few good pointers can be found: SapHelp: Configuring the CCMS Alert Monitor and: SapTrainingHQ: How To Monitor Your Background Jobs With CCMS In SAP Systems


SAP client copy

If you are wondering that which copy option does what exactly and customer wants to copy some special data over from old to new client, then this link is for you: Copy profiles


SCOT / SAPConnect configuration

“… Do this and chk notes Note 129950 – Required Customizing for use of SAP connect Note 957412 – Troubleshooting automatic email transmission in SAP Solution Set-Up SAPconnect

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GL master records transferral over iDoc’s and config howto

Hi, Had problem configuring GL accounts transfer for FI. All that I found from company was some old howto from year 2008. However – nice SAP DOC is also available with step by step instructions: Or if SDN is down – here is local copy: Transfer of GL Master from Source SAP System to […]

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iDOC and ;umlaut characters

Hi, As clients are situated in Estonia, many use Estonian language as default in SAP environment. In past versions this was not an issue but in version ERP 6.0 EHP 5 we encountered an issue where Ü,Õ,Ö,Ä transferred to UE,AE,OE and so on…

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STMS (SAP) error: Request does not match component version

You have error import status “Request does not match component version”. (This can be occurring when component versions in pre-made transports from other systems are older than in newer systems or when tp component check fails. However if it’s the first case then you are free to make below adjustments because all newer versions are […]

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