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SAP System Performance slow – via CCMS what is what

All is explained by: SAP_Basis_Chap @ The SAP Fan Club Forums

Dialog response time
On a not very busy system this will be high as by default Basis response times are high and only get reduced due to end users getting lower responses. I would use transaction STAT (STAD from 610) to check for all response time above 3000 ms at the time of the reported prob. You can then judge if they are end user of batch/basis which are probably not an issue. You can use ST03 to make a more historical look at the transaction(s) with bad response.

Frontend Response Time
There are notes out there that discuss that this is not a very good alert. I would personally ignore it and if users are complaining about bad performance then reviuew the network with NIPING initially.

Dialog DB request time
Could be an issue but needs to be reviwed via ST04. I have no idea on your DB so will not comment further.

Long Runners
10 minute jobs are certainly common nowadays. This also needs to be reviewed as to the data being read/written and the performance of such. Poor programming can be an issue here. You have stated a SAP program which could be checked via notes for issues, generally with SAP programs it is the data being read or the customizing structure being a little astray that cause this performance prob.

I would not worry at all about space used alerts and do not consider these an issue. A buffer with 100% used space can erform at 100% but a buffer at 90% used can perform at 10%. The hit ration is important.

Your generic buffer hit ratio is poor which can be due to a few problems like too many updates in a table too often, A table being too large or being generic rather than single, or ironically if the directory space is too small!. I would not alert on both hit ratio and %used as you will get 2 alerts for one problem (poor hit ratio).

DEV server
I would concentrate on the prod server and spend all my time learing about performance rather than monitoring a dev server. I would wait for developers to complain. They are always hacking with tables and programs so buffers and response times are often poor by default.

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