Linux / Windows – what’s the difference…


Some good links:
Secunia online vulnerability scanner
Ninite Programs installer/updater

Internet speedtest
TeamViewer Quicksupport

Nb! Allways before doing anything remember few golden rules:

  1. Have you tried to turn it off and on again
  2. Have you tried an unexpected reboot
  3. Backup, backup, backup, backup
  4. RTFM – Read the fantastic manual before anything
  5. Have you googled it?

Some prices that you can donate to me for my web-server up-keeping (for my services):
(Donating is voluntary)

Windows XP/Vista/7 install (With/From Orig. CD/DVD and license) 25€
Windows XP/Vista/7 install/upgrade with data keep (With/From Orig. CD/DVD and license) 35€
Microsoft Office or OpenOffice´i install 5€
Launguage pack install for M$ Windows OS (Rus, Eng, Est, Fin) 5€
Linux install (Ubuntu – or other free versions) 20€
Disposal of viruses and crapware from PC 20€
General computer maintenance with virus and crapware removal 30€
Multimedia codecs install or replacing default player with good one 5€
WIFI router conf 15€
Remote support 15€/h
Other consultation work 18€/h

Hardware services:
Cleaning desktop PC HW 15€
Cleaning laptop PC HW 15 – 35€
Cleaning laptop PC after exposure to fluids: 150€ upwards (wo. warranty that laptop will work afterwards)
(The price is so high because of fact that after you have tried to clean a laptop who has been soaked in coffee – it’s recommended to buy new one, because warranty for that laptop is either way expired… and it takes great time and effort to fully clean it.)
NB! Keyboards and accessories are not part of cleaning agreement! If you want me to clean your keyboard – I’ll ask for 100€ just for looking it 🙂 (Cheaper to buy new one!)

Data restore and backups:
Data backup to CD or DVD 5€ each
Data backup to external (Your) HD 10€ upwards per HD
Trying to restore deleted/lost data 4Gb = 30€
Removing Windows or Linux user or admin password 10€ per account
(Proof of ownership of that HW and account is needed!)
SW restore of data of broken HD 25 – 200€ per broken HD

Other services:
When I need to plug in Your computer or suggest you do that 50€
(When complaining that computer won’t work)
When I need to plug in any other cables 50€
(Many stupid requests to help people with HW problems who have not realized to check cables themselves)
Repairing PC after you have tried to repair it +50€ to original price
Repairing PC with your guidance on site +100€ to original price