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hg and mercurial on bitbucket – ssh on linux connection problems

FoodForThought: Error: dev$ hg pull remote: Permission denied (publickey). abort: no suitable response from remote hg!

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Few pointers to use .htaccess files:

Linux program Screen howto

Hi, Here are some good usage examples of linux SCREEN program. screen -ls – shows if you have any open screens screen or “Ctrl-A” “C” – opens new session like screen “Ctrl-A” “n” – goto next screen (when multiple screens present) “Ctrl-A” “p” – goto previous screen (when multiple screens present) “Ctrl-A” “k” – kills […]


SAP – RFC connection for LDAP

Recently we had a need for enabling RFC for LDAP for two way communication between SAP and  AD. Here are steps and document that was got from SCN:

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VI commands on Linux

Here are some useful commands for “vi” that I’m used to use: Search and replace command that takes on the following structure: :%s/search_string/replacement_string/g (This command replaces every search_string on the current line with replacement_string and will continue to the end of file. However if you want to confirm first what you replace then you would […]

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How to Install saprouter on Ubuntu Server (without any SAP installation)

Hi, Firstly you have need for SAPCAR, saprouter and sapcrypto. All of the above you can find from SW download centre from SAP:

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Skype on Debian Squeeze 64bit

If one for some reasons would like to install Skype on Debian Squeeze 64bit – here is how i did it: Download 64bit Ubuntu package from: Use GDebi package installer to install package (The simplest option) (For manual command line installation: To install package called package.deb type the following command: Go to directory where […]

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SAP ERP (w. ORACLE) Installation on Debian

NB! This HOWTO should be taken on principle “as is” – I will update it as I will encounter any new problems or knowhow’s. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL HOWTO nor a installation manual) Installation SW used: Debian 6.0 for X86_64  – Squeeze (unstable) Netinst USB image: ) Small CD image:

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